“Letting Go” Is Not About Forgetting What Was, It’s About Moving Forward


Another night of little sleep. This time it was my husband’s coughing in the middle of the night that started the downward spiral into the rabbit hole of anxiety. I know it’s his allergies, a postnasal drip, but my mind still plays the game of “what ifs.”

What if it’s more than that?

My mind still plays the games of what ifs? (Twenty20 @lelia_milaya)

I can’t escape the worry

No matter how hard I try to get off this hamster wheel of dread I can’t. Not even the comfort of the chorus of snores indicating my husband is now sleeping soundly, helps. I give into the insomnia and quietly climb out of bed and into my exercise clothes.

I slip out of the bathroom and through my bedroom door gently closing it behind me so as not to disturb my husband who still has a couple hours before he must wake for work. I walk into the kitchen and notice the microwave clock. It’s 3:45am. Not even…

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