L is for Lullabies #A2ZChallenge


“A lullaby should be timeless because it’s a timeless concept – the birth of the child.” – Patti Smith

In the initial weeks, I used to sleep a lot. In fact, every time I woke up, someone or the other would always sing and rock me back to sleep, but as I started growing, my sleep hours during the days decreased. Even now when the sleeping schedule has changed everyone is still busy making me sleep. I wonder what is wrong with these adults … all they want is that I should just sleep, sleep and sleep. Is it possible! Ok now with the lockdown I do see papa doing it sometimes ?

When people around me are trying to put me to bed, each one sings a different lullaby. In the initial days, it was just humming. Then Miss A started with ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and Mommy started singing ‘Rock-a-Bye Baby’ (as she used to sing it for Miss A). Both these lullabies were soft and…

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