Kindness and Empathy Are Still a Thing


I’ve decided I need to stop grocery shopping.
Every time I leave, I end up crying in the car.

Today’s shop was going to be quick and simple.
I only needed a few essentials (And by essentials I mean whipped cream, cape cod potato chips- reduced fat wavy sea salt brand, and shredded cheese; to name a few)

Store was relatively empty, people were appropriately masked and even the cashiers were wearing face shields.

I didn’t realize there were arrows on the ground; directing me which way to go, so I admit I had to turn around more than once to abide by the rules.

I am a rule follower (for the most part) so I did my best.

Grocery shopping is a necessity but things can go rogue. (Twenty20 @davep)

My eyes widened when I saw Scott’s toilet paper but then I practically became giddy when I saw my brand of Charmin AND paper towels.

Sun was shining, my kids were in shorts and paper products.

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