Keeping Toddler’s Sleep on Track After New Baby


How to Keep Your Toddler’s Sleep on Track After Having a New Baby

Welcoming a new baby into the home is always a magical day.  Everyone enjoys loving on the baby and who can resist newborn snuggles? But bringing home a new baby when you have a toddler may not be as magical as you hoped. Your big toddler may be feeling a little left out with all the new excitement of the new baby. This is normal. This is NOT a representation of your parenting. It is just a hard time of creating balance.

Throughout my years as a mom, I have always tried to remind myself that my toddler, is in fact, still a baby themselves. They seem like an older child the second the new baby arrives, but in the bigger picture of life they are still so young. Tantrums, tears, sleep battles and emotional rollercoasters come as you are trying to do it all. I can handle the tantrums and the tears . . . kind of….

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