K is for Kicking Around #A2ZChallenge


“I am just kicking around to become stronger.” – Baby A

I remember kicking as early as when I was in Mommy’s tummy. At that time if I liked something Mommy ate or I wanted to tell her something important, I would kick her. However, since the day I arrived, I have been kicking around. This is the same reason my doctor addressed me as a future gymnast.

Now almost 4 months old I still love to kick. Usually, when I am in the kicking mode, I try to communicate with the people around me. People know that I usually want to play when I am happy and full of smiles. Meanwhile, when I am crying or fussing around, then something is bothering me, like a dirty diaper, gas or simply a burp. Then there are times when I just kick around because I can and feel like.

When I am too hot I kick the blanket off me. However, I can never pull it back so I start crying out loudly, to gain…

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