Julia Donaldson books you must read to your Kids


Best of Julia Donaldson books

My love for reading books to my son is not hidden. With few misses here and there, I still try to read him at least 30-45 minutes a day. What we love the most is putting in the elements of drama and performing along with the flow of the story. This makes each story all the more gripping and engaging for a child. To have the recall value after the book reading, we often relate to it by engaging in different crafts and discussing on the storyline. Both the online and offline space is loaded with lots of Bestsellers for kids in every age range. Believe me, when I say this, but when it comes to unique and beautifully illustrative books, a parent usually gets choosy.

And the same implies to me, as I’m a little biased for the appealing storybooks by Julia Donaldson. Well, to help you recall, I’m certain that you must have read “The Gruffalo” to your…

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