Judith Warner’s “And Then They Stopped Talking to Me” Explains Middle-School


My twin daughters will finish eighth grade this year. I wouldn’t wish middle school upon them again but if a do-over were called, I would insist that reading, And Then They Stopped Talking To Me: Making Sense of Middle School by Judith Warner be part of any deal; for their sake and mine.

“And Then They Stopped Talking to Me” gives insight into Middle School life. (Twenty20 @damianews)

And Then They Stopped Talking to Me brings together the collective wisdom of experts including educators, psychologists, social scientists and parents to show that parents need to lead by example. Parents can teach empathy, caring, kindness and acceptance and help middle schoolers see themselves and one another as more than the “quick-but-sticky labels,” like jock, mean girl, and nerd, that often get tragically assigned but never magically disappear. 

The book is part cultural critique, and…

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