J is for Juice (Fruit Juice) #A2ZChallenge


Breakfast without orange juice is like a day without sunshine.” – Anita Bryant

Last week I was rather cranky. Even Mommy wondered what happened to me. Everyone was having breakfast and when Mommy could not hear me cry more she decided to make me sit in her lap. Oh my! what a lavish spread they had for breakfast. So many colours, textures and delicious smelling things were laid on the table. Each bite Mommy was taking, I opened my mouth thinking she is giving to me. But, alas! no. I believe that food is still not for me!

I loved the sight of oranges and grapes. I gave obvious signals to Mommy that I want to eat something. But I guess, she did not catch on as she was busy eating. My Nani noticed me watching Mommy intently. Once Mommy was done with breakfast, she carefully put me back in the bassinet.

When she was out of sight Nani, my sweetheart came over and…

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