I’ve Always Had friends But My True Friends Are My Later-in-Life Girlfriends


Imagine the theme song from Golden Girls.“Thank you for being a friend…”

In elementary school, I had a group of friends. Then I had close friends with whom I went through middle school. I developed a different set of friends in high school. I left college with a few close friends and I later bonded with other members of the Mommy and Me groups in which I participated.

I met my closest friends at 50. (Twenty20 @heather_lee_wilson)

I never thought my closest friends would be those I met after 50

But I never imagined that my closest, best group of friends would be acquired after I turned 50, over the hill, after my kids were grown. After I had time to mature and become who I was meant to be. Unlike my childhood friends, this group of ladies accepts me as I am, not because of what I can do, or what I have, or how pretty I am. They accept my heart. My soul. My past. My faults.


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