It’s Hard to Find the Right Thing to Say So I’ll Just Say “I’m So Sorry”


While she was home over spring break, my college junior had to take an oral typhoid vaccine in preparation for a cross-cultural trip to Ecuador at the end of this semester. The medicine made her hurt stomach hurt horribly, but it was 100% WORTH IT, because…Ecuador. Where she’d be climbing mountains and zip-lining and storing up memories that would last a lifetime.

I’m sorry for all the people who are sad about what they have lost. (Twenty20 @yummypixels)

My daughter’s cross-cultural trip was cancelled

Except that on account of the global outbreak, her trip was cancelled. But the cross-cultural requirement of her university wasn’t, so to fulfill it, she has to take a class. Instead of zip-lining through the Ecuadorian rainforest, she’s going to be sitting at a computer, reading about other cultures and how she can cross them. At least we know she won’t catch typhoid fever.


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