It’s Been Three Years, Why Does Dropping Off My Kids Still Feel Wrong?


The first time I dropped my kids off with their father after he moved out, I forced a smile while hugging and kissing them. It was so forced in fact that my head and neck started pounding. I walked back to my car telling myself to just concentrate on looking at the tires on the different cars in a line until I got to mine.

I wondered if there were other cars here belonging to mothers who were dropping their kids off with their ex. Were there other mothers who felt like they were experiencing a deep ache that wouldn’t leave until they saw their kids again? Were those other moms as relieved as I was to have some time alone to mourn what was and to stop pretending it didn’t hurt?. Did they feel as guilty as I did that they needed this time to collect themselves?

We did the right thing. I know it and my kids know it. (Katie Bingham Smith)

How my ex and I split time with our kids

When we…

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