Is Your Teen Struggling with Online Learning? Six Things They Can Do to Get Through This


My high school sophomore sighed heavily the other day right after finishing all his online school work, then looked at me and said, “I can’t do school online. I just can’t. I need people. I need a teacher teaching in front of me in real life. I need to get up, get dressed, drive to school, and get out of this house everyday. I need to be back at school.”

It’s no wonder my son already feels defeated with school being cancelled. ([email protected])

My heart sank, because I know the chances of him returning to his school this year are all but nonexistent, and the tragic reality is, he will likely be forced to do school like this – online and unfamiliar, until this fall. He is not a student who struggles academically (I know this is a huge blessing right now) and rarely does he complain about his school workload, but removing him from a setting that he excels in, and dumping…

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