Is Your Student’s College Going Under?


Parents worry about college. We worry about admissions, paying for college and jobs as our kids graduate. But, until now, worrying that the college your student attends will not be financially solvent and will close before graduation day has not been on the list. Yet even before the pandemic, many colleges were struggling financially and with students off campus for months at a time, many are wondering if they will survive.

How can parents tell is a college is in perilous financial shape? (Twenty20 @maginnis)

How can a parent determine the financial strength of a college?

Until now experts have told us that there are a number of ways parents can assess how a college is doing.

  • First, look at the college’s bond rating. Many colleges borrow money and and have their solvency rated by S&P, Moodys and Fitch and that information is publicly available.
  • Second, look at the college’s endowment….

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