Is My Family’s Vacation Destination or Teen’s College Town Safe? New Tool Shows Covid Risk by County


As parents ponder taking their teens back to college or traveling this summer as a family, the risk of Covid-19 by geography becomes paramount. Is the college town in a safer area? Is the beach community high risk? We no longer need to speculate.

A Harvard University collaborative launched a new tool today that parents can use to asses the virus risk right down to the county level. An online risk-assessment map allows you to look, at a glance, and see if the county you live in, the ones you are traveling through, or your destination is red, orange, yellow or green. The color represent the level of risk based on the number of new cases every day in that area.

If a county is Green it is on its way to containing the virus. Yellow is a slightly higher risk and Orange is considered even riskier. Areas that are Red are, “jurisdictions have reached a tipping point for uncontrolled…

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