Is it okay to hit up your kids for cash?


No one told me these funds were off-limits.

Here’s the scene: The pizza guy is en route, and I just realized that neither my husband nor I have cash and we know the restaurant doesn’t take cards. My kids, then 8 and 10, are both home. They both have money, so why not ask them?

Yes, that’s right. I borrow money from my kids. And until recently, I never saw anything wrong with that.

I decided to check in with friends, many of whom agreed that their kids’ money was off limits. One friend said, “I would rather go into overdraft before borrowing from my kids.” I asked why. I mean, I’m not talking about taking money from them, just borrowing it. Her response? “It’s their money to do with what they will. I will guide them, but it’s theirs. If I borrow from them, it sends the message that I don’t have the money and how do I know I’ll…

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