In The Midst Of All The Bad, Here Are Some Good Things Happening


For the past month, I’ve been focused on many serious things: My kids’ health, their school work and my own health. I’ve been listening to the news and I’ve been terrified wondering what this outbreak will do to everyone’s future.

We all want this to end

We all want one thing and that is for this nightmare to end.

Most of us have lost sleep and have been consumed with what we are missing or what we can’t do because our lives literally changed on a dime. Our routines are suddenly gone, our safety is in jeopardy, and we’ve never been through anything like this before so we don’t know how to respond.

This morning I went to the grocery store. We were out of everything. As I pulled up, I saw people waiting in line to get in as our local store is only allowing seventy-five people in at a time. Many of them were wearing masks and gloves. Ice was pelting them in the face since we…

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