In a Time of COVID, Hug Your Kids, Because Some Parents Can’t


My girls’ father is a doctor and I have never been prouder of the work that he does. Even though our marriage did not go the distance, my respect and admiration for my ex always have. Especially now. Because in the midst of the COVID 2019 meltdown, he is showing what it means to sacrifice. To put others first. To live by an oath.

I saw this first-hand on Saturday when Steve came to visit. That’s usual for us. He’s in our home every week to spend time with our daughters. What is unusual is for him to make the hour-drive, get out of his car, and only come to stand 10-feet outside of our front door, like he did this past weekend.

When I asked him how he was he replied, “I’m preparing for war.” (Twenty20 @AZ.BLT)

At first, I thought that he was waiting for the girls to come outside. While he was standing there, I asked him how he was doing. He said, “I’m preparing for…

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