I’m the Mom Who Wants My Teens’ Friends to Come to Me With Anything


My son doesn’t want his friends to come over to our house these days. Apparently his mother embarrasses him so badly he can’t bear it. I guess walking around my own home happily asking my son and his friends if they want cookies and seeing what kind of toppings they want on their pizza is so humiliating, he can’t stand it.

However my daughter, on the other hand, has been having her girlfriends over more often which is a change from just a year ago. She no longer cringes when I ask them what they want for dinner or what’s new in their world. This makes me deliciously happy since last year at this time I was asking her and her friends if they needed help with their hair before the semi-formal dance and it was a big problem. I guess asking to help them is frowned upon and I hadn’t gotten the memo.

I want my teens’ friends to feel at home around me. (Twenty20 @mreyz)

Some of my…

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