I’m Petrified to Let My Son Stock Shelves Right Now, But I Have to Let Him


My son got a job at Target last fall. His intention was to earn money for his car insurance and gas. It was the first job he’s had aside from working with his father. Before he knew it, he was getting over 20 hours a week which included Friday night and early Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

He’s never missed a shift. 

My son has a job at Target. His job is essential and it scares me to think he might get sick. (Twenty20 @alinabuzunova)

My son got a job at Target and has never missed a shift

While many of his friends were hanging out with each other or attending their sports games, he was happy to be stocking shelves and earning money to spend as he wished. 

He’d roll out of bed on the weekends, head in for an 8-hour shift. I’d bring him his favorite lunch–a meatball sub–and get to say hello to him during his break. Then, he’d come home and throw himself on the sofa utterly…

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