I’m Keeping My Teens Home and I’m Exhausted But Home They Will Stay


The school in our district recently came up with a plan for students in the fall: It’s optional to return to school and there will be online learning available with guidelines in place.

Since I realized how serious this pandemic was I’ve said that my kids would stay at home when school starts up again if there was a choice. There are many reasons for my decision which doesn’t mean that this has been an easy road. Keeping my teens home from school, and making them tone down their social lives to a nearly non-existent level has NOT been easy.

As parents of teens, we are all tired from the pandemic. (Twenty20 @2ljbs)

I have been keeping my teens home and it’s hard

A few months ago, I had it out with my oldest son who said he wanted to go for a drive. I knew that was code for, “I want to go see my friends” and I told him no. I’m not sure how it escalated so fast, but I found…

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