I’m an Extrovert But Now I’m Struggling to Connect With Others


Like many extroverts out there, this outbreak is taking a toll on me in more ways than one. There is the constant low level and sometimes not so low level, worrying about my family’s health and  financial future. And, not being able to leave your home and have a face to face conversation with a real life person–especially another mother–isn’t easy.

It’s one of those little luxuries we didn’t know we had. As someone who works from home and needs to be alone and have quiet in order to do a quality job, I’ve always been able to get my work done and then go out into the real world. It made me a better mother, and a better person.

I wonder if social isolation is making me less social.

I valued the interactions I had with people outside my house

I value my lunches with my girlfriends but if my friends were busy I would go out to eat by myself. And I would make small talk with…

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