I’m a Teacher and THIS is What Makes My Job Essential Right Now


I was hosting a Google Meet the other day with one of my students and his mother. He’s been engaging with classes since we began our e-schooling and achieving quite well. I asked him how he’s faring with the online format. He shrugged, rolled his eyes, and said, “I’m getting by, but I have trouble staying focused, staying interested, sustaining effort.” The student is a member of multiple music ensembles and he said he misses those dearly. He expressed feeling kind of disconnected and adrift.

Teachers are “essential” which means we have even more responsibilities now. (Twenty20 @klovestorun)

Parents have concerns about online learning

His mother rolled her eyes and said he sleeps too late, stays up too late, plays video games for hours, and has his head buried in a screen for too much of the day. She said he sometimes logs into the extra helps not because he needs help but…

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