If You Suffer From Anxiety Like I Do, This Is Really Hard


You’ve all seen it. 

The lists of possible “quarantine hobbies” you can take up, from baking banana bread to learning how to draw. Example “daily schedules” that almost always involve waking up at 7am and being extremely productive. The brightly filtered Instagram stories of homemade coffee, puzzles, home workouts, and families playing board games. Way too many TikTok dances. 

From the outside, it looks like everyone has adjusted seamlessly.

This can look like a glorified staycation

From the outside looking in, the world seems to be on a glorified staycation. Everyone seems to have adjusted seamlessly into this temporary new normal, happily bonding with their families and practicing their many new hobbies. 

There are definitely some people who are enjoying this “break” the outbreak has brought. My mom was over the moon happy to have my brother and me (both college…

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