If You Give a Mom a Blue Ikea Bag


WE Love IKEA bags

If you give a mom an IKEA blue bag, she will want to see how much it can hold

So, you’ll let her into your room to look at what you’ve pulled out for college

But the piles of stuff covering the floor will stop her short

So, she’ll start organizing your stuff

She will ask you for an explanation about the wrappers everywhere

And when you give her one, she’ll start counting the cups on every surface

Then the souvenir baseball cup will remind her of your last family outing

And she’ll get wistful about your departure

So, she’ll settle herself with the business of organizing t-shirts

While sorting shirts she’ll find your old t-ball uniform and hold it up

She’ll spy another camp shirt and think, “I should do something special with those”

So, she’ll grab her phone and ask her mom’s group for the name of that quilt company that everyone has been using

While on the…

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