I’d Like to Publicly Apologize to Our Red Robin Hostess


I’d like to publicly apologize to our Red Robin hostess. 

She was just doing her job when she smiled to greet us. She didn’t know she was the last straw. Shoot, I didn’t know she was the last straw! 

We were grabbing dinner when it hit me

We were just grabbing dinner after dropping our son off at college, ten days after high school graduation. She had no idea we’ve been a family of four for 18 years and it was our first time out without our firstborn.

Saying goodbye is hard. (via Brandy Yearous)

“How many in your party?” she asked.

I stood there stunned, staring at her as my heart jumped into my throat. 

“Can’t you count? Are you really going to make me say it out loud?” I thought to myself. The dagger glares I shot at her were met with confusion. There was enough awkward silence that I knew she was going to make me say it.


Hearing it out loud was a gut…

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