I Wouldn’t Make It Through These Days Without My Mom Friends


I know we all have our own struggles as we try and get through this new life of sheltering in place in order to save lives.

There are empty-nesters who can’t even see their kids right now, and are incredibly lonely. There are single mothers who are trying to work from home and provide support while their kids figure out online learning. There are parents who have toddlers running around the house with so much pent up energy because they literally aren’t allowed to leave their house.

Right now, I’m sitting here working while my kids are taking showers, cleaning their rooms, and doing all the other chores I told them (several times) to do so I can get my work done. Our internet doesn’t allow all of us to be online at the same time. I get my stuff done, then they do their school work. It was a snag that took a few days to work out but once we did, our days started to run a bit…

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