I Would Never Have Believed I Would Be Okay With This


“Can you send Skippy upstairs? I have to have my face camera on for Government and I want them to see him,” my 17-year-old daughter texts me from her makeshift classroom in her bedroom. I lure the dog with a Milkbone up the stairs and he happily jumps into his awaiting girl’s arms, eats his treat and settles down comfortably in her lap.

She smiles and signals for me to shut the door on my way out so he doesn’t follow me back down. As I turn to leave, I hear her laughing as she introduces our 4-legged baby to her new classmates.

My daughter introduced her dog to her senior year classmates. (Twenty20 @jazzie)

My daughter is doing her senior year from home

My heart is happy. It’s the third day of her senior year, a year we chose for her to start virtually because of her underlying health concerns. There were many tears, from us both, making this decision; so hearing her laughter…

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