I Want to Keep Earning a Place of Honor in My Children’s Lives


A few months ago, I had to dig my college student’s birth certificate out of our locked fireproof box. My daughter needed it to apply for a passport for her “cross-cultural experience,” a graduation requirement at her school.

I found the certificate and unfolded it to make sure it was the official version with the raised seal and not the scrapbook version for moms who do that sort of thing. I glanced at it and was stopped in my emotional tracks by one section: “mother.” My name was filled in there, and I was hit, suddenly, by the honor of being the name in that space—the honor of being the person in that space in my daughter’s existence.

We have a unique place in our children’s lives. (Rene Asmussen via Pexel)

Moms have reserved seating in their children’s lives. For many years, we get to go where no one else does. We have the all-access pass. If there is one ticket,…

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