I Want My Son to Go Back to College But I’m So Afraid


I’m so damn torn up about the next academic year. I’ve been flailing in the wind struggling with indecision nearly giving myself whiplash. 

I desperately want my son, a rising college sophomore, to go back to college. He and I both need him too. Living here together is fine, no harsh drama, no tales of woe but this is not what either of us dreamed of. 

I’m torn up about the next academic year. (@sweetbabygirl143 via Twenty20)

Remote learning is fine, but we both want him back on campus

And remote learning may have been a copacetic way to end last year but there is no one who can convince me that remote learning beats the real thing-kids together in classrooms and on campus and professors standing at the head of that classroom. Nothing beats teachers who are available to meet with their students in-person and kids who can do their work with all the support that in-person…

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