I Vow to Respond to the Coronavirus by Encouraging and Supporting Others


Midafternoon I received the text, “School administration announces closure beginning today for the next three weeks.”

With the coronavirus swirling around the country, I wasn’t surprised by the message; it seemed closure was inevitable. Nevertheless, I panicked when I heard the news. Three weeks with my four sons at home could provide some challenges. Mentally, I counted the hours (and minutes) of together time.  

With so much fear and unease in the world, our small acts of kindness matter more than ever. (Twenty20 @moptkcs)

We’re going to be spending a lot of time with our families

Lots and lots of together time.

While we weren’t particularly low on any pantry staples or produce items, I beelined to the nearest grocery store. Hitting the grocery store seemed like the responsible thing to do. After all, when snowstorms have threatened our home, we Midwesterners know the…

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