I Teach High English and the Only Thing I Can Do Now is Listen


Our last day of school was Friday the 13th. The week began with a full moon on Monday, and if you are a high school teacher or a parent who believes in “moon madness,” you know that the universe was conspiring to make our world difficult. Teens were already out of sync due to Daylight Savings Time and losing an hour of sleep, so it was a perfect trifecta, a perfect storm gathering strength.

Of course, when we left school on Friday the 13th, we had no idea we would not be returning. My students, 9th graders and 11th grade AP students, throughout the day, found text messages from clubs, organizations, and teams that slowly, one by one, dismantled the world as they knew it.

My high school students have lost so much

Many tears were shed, as a special Requiem concert was canceled, a spring lacrosse trip was canceled, spring sports were canceled. My juniors stressed over the unknowns:…

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