I pulled my kid from e-learning and have zero regrets


I decided something had to give—it was either my sanity, my son’s ability to see me as loving parent, or e-learning. Obviously, e-learning had to go.

We hadn’t made it fifteen minutes into my son’s daily “home-school time” before we were, once again, both utterly defeated. Picture eight-year-old Ben slumped on the couch as far as he could be without actually lying down, moaning and sighing and fidgeting with his mechanical pencil. Picture me gritting my teeth and trying to stay calm but completely exasperated that I hadn’t been able to get him to focus long enough to answer even one math question. Not one.

This scene came after two frustrating weeks of trying our very best to adapt to learning at home—and failing.

The first week was largely spent solving tech problems—struggling to find his login details for Google Classroom, learning…

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