I Miss My Students But I’m Not Sure How to Go Back


Being a teacher was never on my radar growing up. Once in a while, I played school where I made myself the teacher in order to boss around (more than normal) my little sister and brother. And it IS possible that during my eleven changes in major as an undergrad, education may have shown up in the mix.

I wasn’t going to become a teacher until I did

But I never seriously considered it.

Until I did.

I’ll skip the details that led me there, but ultimately, I became a high school English teacher and found that I had an affinity for it. I connected with teenagers instantly; their creativity and their angst combined with their openness and their willingness to share drew me to them, and more importantly, them to me.

Going back to school is complicated. (@emeraldraindrops via Twenty20)

This is why I am struggling with the upcoming school year. I miss the connection that I lost during the end…

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