I Miss Hugging My Friends and Other People I Love


I’ve been half joking with friends trying to come up with a new appropriate greeting for that awkward moment when we first see each other (outside/six feet apart) and can’t hug in this new age of social distancing. The elbow bump was big for a while and so too the wave.

I toyed around with holding my hands together in front of my chest and bowing my head down to meet them, but then I remembered that I was not in a yoga class, and I am not that spiritual. I’ve clapped a few times at first site of a small group of good friends on my back deck, not able to contain my excitement to be with them, but that was weird.

My close female friends’ hugs feel so natural. (Twenty20 @vinera92)

It’s all so weird right now

It’s all weird, so weird. I picked my snowbird father up at the airport after he returned home from Florida last month. I hadn’t seen him in seven months, which I believe…

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