I Learned That the “Step” in Step-Siblings and Parents is Step-Up, Not Step-Away


During a time when we are all stuck at home, family is more important than ever, which got me thinking about how my own family has grown and changed. When I was younger, in elementary school, students used to have to draw pictures of their families.

Everyone around me would take out their crayons and draw a mommy and a daddy, maybe a brother or sister, sometimes a dog and cat. I wouldn’t draw anything, even though I wanted to. It was the same choice every time: to tell the truth, or to tell the old truth.

I always picked the latter.

I thought a new family to love would take away from my old family. (Poppy Studio.)

My parents divorced when I was seven

Mommy, daddy, sister, puppy. My teachers would smile and give me a shiny sticker. But what they didn’t know was that my picture was a lie. My puppy had died and my old life shown in that picture was gone. The story that my drawing…

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