I Dreaded Confinement, Now I’m Afraid to Come Out


Is it time to come out? I’m afraid it might be time to come out from our quarantine cocoons, if not now then soon.

And, I’ll be honest, I’m a little scared. This nervousness is a shock to me as much as it probably is you.

I thought that when they gave us the go-ahead, I’d be ready. I thought I’d be skipping into the office, hugging every stranger I passed along the way. I thought I’d be cheering from the rooftops that our captivity was once and for all over.

I’m scared to go back in the world, and also a little sad. (Twenty20 @5byseven)

I dreaded confinement, now I’m afraid of freedom

After all, I was dreading the confinement just as much – if not more – than everyone else.

Stay at home, you say? Okay, sure. And work? Fine, if I must. With three small kids…and my spouse? Nope. No, thank you. No gym time, no friend time, no alone time? No vacations, no date nights, no…

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