I Didn’t Cry Until I Did and Then I Wept From the Bottom of My Soul


I didn’t cry when reports of sickness across the world began filtering in. We will help them out of their crisis, I thought. We live in a rich and most powerful nation; it won’t come here. 

I didn’t cry when I heard that the numbers in Europe were climbing because surely, we would figure out how to protect ourselves.

Most of the time, I don’t cry. (Twenty20 @tmillhone)

I didn’t cry when a long awaited and much anticipated family trip was cancelled. Surely, a cancelled vacation is not a thing an adult cries about. There will be other vacations.

I didn’t cry when literally everything was cancelled, fun things and not so fun things. As an extroverted introvert, some additional time at home didn’t sound half bad. 

I didn’t cry when my husband passed out and the paramedics we summoned came suited up in Hazmat outfits, apologized for having to distance themselves, and…

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