Hugs to the Moms and Dads Whose Kids are Not With Them Right Now


Moms and dad with college kids and recent college graduates whose kids are living in their college towns or are living in their home away from home or with friends, I’m sending you hugs. Your babies are not with you so you can’t see them and you can’t be sure that they are sheltering in place.

Hugs to you because I know you wish they were under your roof. Hugs to you because I know how hard this is and I know how anxious it makes you.

My daughter asked if she could visit for my birthday. (Pexels Andrea Piacquadio)

I talked to my daughter tonight – my birthday is next week – she wanted to know what I would be doing for my birthday – my reply – celebrating with a margarita – she wanted to know if it would be okay to come home and bring her boyfriend to meet us and stay until Easter.

My daughter does not understand she has to pick one house to shelter in place

When she…

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