How We are Talking About Race and Racism as a Family


The week the protests erupted across the US, I walked into my 16-year-old daughter’s room to check up on her. She was lying across her bed, glued to her phone, taking in the unfolding news on her social platforms (as our kids do). “What are you seeing?” I asked, expecting a curt answer. But she was eager to talk—and she was angry.

The world, as she saw it, was unjust. Nothing could change—she didn’t have trust in the current state of the government. She saw racism everywhere—in the form of police brutality against people of color as well as the xenophobic bullying she had experienced as a young Asian woman. (“Is there a difference?” I asked. “The only difference is I’m probably not going to get killed,” she said matter-of-factly.)

Our family book club is a start and if feels good to be taking this step together. (Cramer/Spencer family)

I listened carefully as…

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