How to Tidy Up Your Playroom for Good


How to Tidy Up Your Playroom for Good

You dream of a tidy playroom but it seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Instead, what you always end up having is a room filled with an explosion of Legos, Magna-tiles, Barbies, and what seems like hundreds of stuffed animals. And you’re not even sure how it happened! Maybe Batman is supposed to drive that pink Barbie convertible to save Mr. Potato Head from losing a wiggly arm to that mean ol’ dinosaur. Who are you to judge?!

If this sounds even remotely familiar to you, then hear me on this, you are not alone. As a Professional Organizer, I see this more often than you would imagine. I often get asked by my clients how to help organize AND keep the room tidy after I leave. Sounds like no short order, right? Well, yes and no. Kids will be kids. Let’s dive into my tips and tricks on how to get your playroom set up to begin with. Like…

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