How to Throw a College Care Package Party


College kids love the care packages that their parents mail from home. But what happens when they rip open a box to discover that the goodies have been sent from someone else’s mom? Forty kids, all graduates from Ridgewood High School in Ridgewood, New Jersey, were treated to a surprise when their moms gathered together for a college care package party.

Their mothers picked names out of a hat, assembled a box of treats, and tucked in a personal note of encouragement to a freshman who was not their own kid.

Angele Kassar Ekert, a mother of two college kids and recent empty nester, was the mastermind and she invited, in her words an “eclectic” group of mothers from among the class of 450.

Her invitation read “My Kid Left for College and I Need a Drink” and she asked the invitees to bring 40 “somethings” – inexpensive gifts or snacks that a college kid would appreciate –…

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