How to talk to children about COVID-19?


Talking to Kids about COVID-19

Why have you stopped taking me for Tennis? I wanted to meet my new teacher for the next grade, why are schools shut from so many days? Why can’t I go and play with my friend in the park?

Well, along with numerous other questions, these questions hit my 5-year old hard. He had started to hear about some virus, and COVID-19 initially from our conversations, then on the news, we used to hear frequently at the start.

So, will we all die? Is the whole world coming to an end?

His tiny brain had started to process some raw and filtered information. This could have led to anxiousness, had we not catered openly to his questions! And I’m sure, we are not the only parents. Parents around the globe are facing this challenge in educating their children. Here I feel, no one way can be right, as it depends on the amount of information you are sharing, how is it being…

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