How to Strengthen Your Marriage in Times of Stress


How to Strengthen Your Marriage in Times of Stress

Social distancing. Homeschooling. Long walks. Hand sanitizer. And lots of family time. These are just a few of the ways I will remember this time of quarantine over the last several months. And while there have been so many sweet memories made from the clear calendars and extra time to enjoy family, there has also been some added stress. Do you feel me?

One of the places we’ve all likely felt extra stress is toward our spouse. Because they are an easy target for our frustration when we’re worn down from no breaks from our children. Or increasing annoyance over sanitizing the groceries for the twentieth time in the last few weeks. Because we know they can’t leave us during quarantine – even if they wanted to because we can steal their mask. (Just kidding.)

The reality is – social distancing is a time to either grow…

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