How to Master College Move-In Day When You Only Have 2 Hours


We all know things are a little different this year. College freshmen are going away to an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people in a very unfamiliar time in history.

Everything freshmen are doing is new-including move-in

Freshman are packing their bags about to embark on the best 4 years of their life, but under new conditions. So undoubtedly the move-in process is going to add some extra stress as many schools across the country have implemented new protocols to make the dorms as safe as possible.

And when schools also put a time restriction on how long parents can assist their kids during the move-in process, I am quite sure that doesn’t help with the move-in jitters. As a rising senior I’ve had plenty of experience moving into my new living space like new dorms, an apartment, a flat in Europe or a sorority house, so I can offer some of my best tips and tricks to make a…

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