How to Help Your Teen do Their Best Work


The abrupt change from the classroom to the virtual classroom last spring was hard on everyone. Students were unprepared to learn online and teachers had no time to ready their lessons for this format.

Get yourself a dedicated workspace. @marinaskaanes via Twenty20

But we’ve all had three months to prepare for online learning classrooms arriving this fall and plenty of time to gather best practices. 

How can students do their best work with online learning?

Here is some of the best advice on how your student can enhance their online learning experience:

Create consistency and structure. 

  • Sleep both sensible and regular hours, this will likely involve an alarm.
  • Rise at roughly the same time every weekday and treat the day as what it is, a day at school.
  • Find a regular, quiet workplace that is not your bed.
  • Get out of PJs and into school clothes, even if it just sweats and a T-shirt.
  • Plan…

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