How to Get Pee Stains Out of a Mattress STEP BY STEP!


If you’re like our family and have kids and pets, then knowing how to get pee stains out of a mattress is an important survival skill. Yep, I called it a survival skill.

Raising children certainly has its rewards but it also has some frustrating moments. If your children are anything like mine, there was a time when bedwetting was a struggle to keep your cool. That’s because the guaranteed mattress covering didn’t hold up its end of the deal and you were left with a stinking mattress and a stain to go with it! 

Whether you need to know how to get urine stains out of a mattress because of your kids or you’re dealing with dog pee on the mattress, try these simple tips!


If you’ve looked for solutions in the grocery store, you’ve probably seen that there are a variety of options to help you figure out how to remove urine smell from the mattress in addition to the stains. Both are a problem!

But you probably have several ingredients at home already that can help you tackle that annoying stain. Here’s how you can remove both a wet and a dry urine stain from a mattress.  These methods work for a kid or pet stain on a mattress!

Here’s what you’ll need to clean your mattress:

Mattress with no bedding on it


Step 1. If the accident just happened, make sure that you grab an old towel and blot it over the stain, until it’s left only damp. You can also use paper towels if that’s what you prefer.

Step 2. Next, take the baking soda and sprinkle it over the stain, covering it until you can no longer see it. You don’t need to worry about using too much and think that it will ruin the mattress. 

Step 3. After that, you will need to combine water and white vinegar into a large spray bottle. If you want the solution to be stronger, simply back off the water and add more vinegar instead. Just like the baking soda, there’s nothing wrong with spraying pure vinegar onto a mattress. It will just have a stronger odor longer from the vinegar.

Step 4. Make sure that you spray the stain well, but not to the point that it’s saturated. Just make sure you did enough to cover the whole stain. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes.

Step 5. Now you’ll take a towel and dab the stain until it’s mostly dry. You don’t need to worry if most of the baking soda came up with it at this point.

Step 6. Now add more baking soda onto the mattress covering the stain a second time. Now it’s time to let it sit for 18 hours.

Step 7. And finally, take a vacuum cleaner and sweep up all the baking soda residue and the mattress should look good as new.

Mattress with teddy bear toy laying on top


What happens if the urine stain has dried? Figuring out how to get urine stains out of a mattress feels challenging enough but what about when you find it way after the fact? If you’re worried that all hope is lost, it’s not!

There are ways you can remove dried urine stains from a mattress!

Step 1. First, you will need to make a cleaning solution by combining the following ingredients together:

  • 8 fl oz. of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 3 Tbsp of baking soda
  • 2 drops of dishwashing soap

Mix the ingredients together with a spoon.

You’ll want to use this solution immediately and discard it if it’s older than 2 hours old. The cleaning reactions of the ingredients only last for a short time.

This solution works well on white-colored mattresses. If you are dealing with a blue mattress it would be wise to stick with vinegar to use instead to avoid discoloration. 

Step 2. Next, take a cleaning cloth and get it slightly wet with the solution. Begin dabbing it over the stain and wait until it’s dry.

Step 3. If the stain is still lingering, take 3 tablespoons of dry laundry powder (that does not contain oxygenated bleach) and 1 tablespoon of water and mix them into a bowl. Next, take a spoon to spread the paste all over the stain. If it’s a larger stain, you may need to make more paste to cover the entire stain. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes.

Step 4. Then use a spoon to scrape away the residue from the stain and then use a vacuum to sweep up all the powder that’s left on the mattress and in the crevices. If you’re left with little bits of foam hanging around, dip a towel in the hydrogen peroxide and dab it away.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to get urine stains out of a mattress, I definitely suggest going back to basics and using these items from around the house to try a more basic cleaning approach. I speak from experience in my efforts to clean my own mattresses. These approaches have worked most of the time!


Tips for how to remove urine smell from mattress

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