How to Celebrate Your Young Adult’s 21st Birthday While They are Socially Distancing from Friends


Of all the milestone birthdays that our teens and young adults can’t wait to celebrate, turning 21 is at the top of the list. What distinguishes this birthday from all others is that, finally, they can have that first legal sip of alcohol. But with so many kids obeying social distancing by living at home with their somewhat boring parents or younger siblings, how can they celebrate when there is nowhere to go and no friends who can join them? 

How to celebrate a 21st birthday.

21st birthday ideas

Here are 21 ideas to help you celebrate this special birthday with your young adult. While each of these suggestions observe social distancing rules, many will be just as thoughtful when our kids are able to emerge to join their friends for an IRL gathering. 

1. In what must now be the most famous 21st birthday celebration of this spring, one family turned their garage into a club –…

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