How to Avoid Having an Overtired Baby


How to Avoid Having an Overtired Baby

Baby’s sleep is a HUGE TOPIC! Understandably so, as it’s such an important topic. How well (or not) a baby’s sleeping can impact an entire family’s well-being. It can also cause a great divide between parents who believe differently than other parents. But what many parents don’t initially understand about the topic: if you can avoid having an overtired baby, it is a game changer in the world of baby’s sleep!

As a mom, I have had many people ask me how my babies are sleeping. As a Sleep Consultant, even more people are curious about my baby’s sleeping patterns. You know, when you become a Sleep Consultant you get a magic wand so that your babies sleep perfect every day. NO! I am just a mom, like you, who has good days and bad days. Even I had to learn how to avoid having an overtired baby!

I will say with my job, I have learned…

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