How Teens Get Them And How They Can Get Caught


It’s news to absolutely no one that underage teens drink alcohol and finding access to it is relatively easy for those who choose to seek it out. The tried and true methods that some of us may have utilized decades ago when we were minors are still effective today, like getting a fake ID. Kids get alcohol from friends, older siblings and even parents – who either willingly hand it over themselves, or who don’t realize it’s being swiped from a home liquor cabinet.

“Shoulder tapping” is still a thing as well. Underage drinkers can usually find a stranger headed into a liquor or convenience store who is willing to buy alcohol for them, with or without a few dollars in cash to make it worth their while.

There can be serious consequences if you are caught with a fake ID. ([email protected])

Consequences of Being Caught With a Fake ID

And anyone who’s ever been on the hunt for…

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