How Parents Can Prepare for Potty Training – Podcast Ep 38


Potty training can be such a daunting task for most parents. When should you start potty training? What are the readiness signs? What are the products that you absolutely need? How can you tackle nap and nighttime potty training? There are so many questions about this major milestone so we are chatting with Allison Jandu, a professional potty training consultant and author. Allison is sharing her tips about how parents can best prepare for potty training and what we need to know. If you’re about to embark on the potty training adventures, this episode is for you!

Here are the products that Allison mentioned during our episode!

  • The First Years Super Pooper Plus Potty Seat
  • Peelaways Sheets
  • Lil Advents Potty Time Adventures
  • For Overnights: Gerber Training Pants (for Girls and for Boys)

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